Monday, January 19, 2009


I haven't seen the weather forecasts in the last couple of days, but I'm pretty sure they weren't calling for snowfall most of today. We had a little snow last night--no biggie, they were saying there was a chance of a passing snow shower. But late this morning, it began to snow. Small flakes. And an hour later, those flakes turned huge. Bits of cotton candy floating to the ground.

By two-thirty, I figured I'd best start shoveling. Caitlin had a playdate over, and I wanted the mom to be able to get to the front door without soaking her feet. And after the playdate left at three, all three of my kids suited up and headed out to slide down our "hill." Finally.

There are maybe three inches on the ground, but the grass is covered and it does look like Winter Wonderland. Dance class was cancelled for this afternoon, and the kids had hot chocolate and popcorn after they came in to dry off and warm up.

Not bad for a day off from school.

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Dimma said...

Happy faces! In Finland there has been shortage of snow, which really wasn't the case in my childhood. The climate changes... But luckily when we travel to grandparents in central parts of Finland, we can find the real winter there.