Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today was Maintenance Day for me. That means today was my annual (or, in this case of this year, first time in about 14 months) trip to the GYN. Such fun. It went much more smoothly than last year (tears were shed, if you remember--never take two kids with you to the GYN if you can help it). We were out by 9:05, so props to me for showing up early!

I was thinking about this visit and how I'm at a different stage of life--I used to go to the GYN for the pill prescription, then I was there monthly for a few years; now I go mostly to get the mammogram prescription. Such fun.

After I dropped Bobby at school this afternoon, I figured I might as well get it all over with (since the local mammography place takes walk-ins) and stopped in for the Squeeze-O-Matic. Ouch. Some day they'll come up with a corresponding test for men and their testicles.

I even went ahead and made my GYN appointment for next year--as in 2010!

I get my hair cut and highlighted on Saturday, so then I'll be all good to go for at least six weeks to a year, depending on the body part.

Now, I've noticed that I'm coming close to a big post milestone. Since I only have about five things I should be working on, let's watch me complicate my life. I'll be working on a giveaway for my 250th post. Since two of my kids keep coming inside to tattle on each other, I may be giving one of them away...only kidding. Guess Bobby wasn't paying attention to that MLK/Conflict Resolution paper he brought home from school today.


Amy said...

I think those are words to live by: never bring two kids with you to the GYN. Come to think of it - never bring two kids anywhere where mommy is in stirrups.

Meredith said...

Ugh...yes i have my similar appt. Tuesday. Which i should have had in october but put off. BLECCH.

hair updated here too. We must both be in the same mindset right now!!

Have a great weekend!!