Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

A couple of days ago, I knew that this morning was going to be challenging. That's because a couple of days ago I rolled out of bed at, oh, nine o'clock! Nine o'clock! And I wasn't sick or hung over; I hadn't stayed up until three in the morning. I call last week "the week I became an Evans." They do like their sleep.

So we set the alarm for seven this morning. Rob must have gotten up before it went off. I did not wake up until Rob was out of the shower. At 7:25. Time to make the pancakes.

The girls did a good job of getting ready for school pretty quickly. They're usually more agreeable when pancakes are on the table. And now they're at school and I'm still in my pajamas. Did I mention how much I enjoyed this Christmas break?

This Christmas break was actually very nice. We seemed to slow down the pace considerably, and everyone seemed pretty happy with it. Even Rob, who hates to stay at home, managed to do so for a couple of days. The kids really had fun playing with him. It was nice not to be in a hurry to get anywhere. Yesterday was the only day where I found myself thinking "it's time for them to be back in school." Only one day! Pretty awesome!

Now, the challenge is to try to maintain some feeling of that relaxation as we return to routine. I haven't made any New Year's Resolutions or goals...I always seem to have a growing list of things I want to try.

Here's a little stack of Christmas books:
I'm so glad I finally have my own copy of KnitSpeak. Now I can return the library's copy--I have had that book checked out almost continuously since about September. I've made one recipe from Apples for Jam (broccoli soup). And I've already got plans to make a couple of the things featured in Stitched in Time. That little book, Mitten Strings for God, is a wonderful collection of thoughts on how to slow down and enjoy the "dailiness" of a mama's life.
Back in the quilting saddle already! This is a stash-buster, sort of. The little squares in the middle are from a fabric swap I participated in over the fall. I had to wait until after Christmas to start this.

And this is a big-ass cone of yarn! Those Mason-Dixon girls are just full of ideas and sources for cheap yarn. This will hopefully turn out to be a cute baby gift. Rob's cousin is supposed to deliver on Thursday...and Caitlin's teacher is due in March, so I had a legitimate need for a big-ass cone of yarn, you see.

I love Homegoods. That store always has lots of chickens for your home decor. I've decided that if I can't have actual live chickens in my back yard, I'm going to fill my home with the ceramic variety. This little lady came home with me yesterday. She's very happy by the fireplace, but she'd like some friends...

Don't judge me! I bought a couple of these before Christmas for the girls, and then I decided that it was also a good idea for me. Our bath towels are really big and heavy and I nearly snap my neck when I try to wrap my hair in a towel. I'm gonna be awesome.

Now I'm off for my second cup of coffee, then maybe a little sewing before I shower and break in the Turbie Twist.

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Meredith said...

I love hearing of all your upcoming projects and whatnot. Sickly coldy nose here. Not much being accomplished.

Have a great day!!