Friday, January 16, 2009

Crank the heat!

It's cold outside! But nobody told the dog, so he continued to wake me two or three times in the night so he could go out to pee and sniff the wind. Ugh!

We're staying in as much as possible. I've been going a little crazy with the library's online reservation system. I'm sure there's a librarian cursing my name as she (or he--there are some guys who work at my local library) pulls my long list of books. As soon as most of them are ready, I'll be heading back up there to pick them up. I'm also contemplating a stop at my favorite yarn shop--why finish a project when I can keep starting new ones? Really, the choosing of the yarn is so exciting, isn't it? All that promise of a new project...

What else? This is a three day weekend, and if it's not too obscenely cold by Sunday, we may actually take advantage of the fact that we live a couple of hours away from the Poconos and attempt some sort of skiing or snowtubing. From my quick research, there is one mountain just north of Allentown (sort of a Poconos South, if you will) that allows kids 36" and taller to go tubing. Some other places have a 6 years/42" restriction that we just don't meet yet... I think tubing would be a fun introduction to winter outdoor fun; plus then we don't have to get bogged down in ski rental and lessons, etc. And I'm so sure that nobody else in the eastern PA/NJ/NY region will have this idea! Ha! If nothing else, it will get us out of the house, and we can just sip some hot chocolate and watch the snow, right?

There's the optimism! Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Meredith said...

That is funny as I just finished reserving books at our library too!!

Good luck enjoying the winter weather if you get out in it!!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

those tubing hills are fun! We haven't gone yet either - per height requirements but went before kids (or maybe just one baby) try calling ahead incase they sellout :)