Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday already?

Where does the time go? I can't believe it's the weekend already! This was a busy week--Caroline had Girl Scout camp this week, so it seemed like we were constantly coming and going. She had so much fun, and I'm so happy for her. I'm also happy that the camp was an outdoor affair--I feel like my kids don't spend enough time outside (too many electronic distractions inside), so I was glad she was out all week. Plus, she's getting these gorgeous blond highlights. I keep hoping I'll get some natural highlights as well, but my hair seems to have gone so dark that no amount of sun will lighten it...

Have you met Spanky?

And here is Bobby's quilt. It's really coming along. I'm almost done piecing the squares together--once it's all pieced, I'll use my 12.5 inch square ruler to trim them into shape, and then the fun begins! I love that phase of making a quilt, where you're ready to put all the smaller pieces together into the big picture. It's so exciting. Like when you first start painting a room and you paint a little bit and you get excited about how great it's gonna just have to keep painting for five more hours before you're done. Sigh. Baby steps! Maybe it'll be ready by his birthday in September. And as for Caroline's quilt...I'm about ready to make that a Christmas present.
Speaking of presents, we're all invited to a birthday pool party for one of Caroline's friends, so I had to make a bag. The girls were all over me about it. "Have you started Tori's bag?" was all I heard from them in the last couple of days. Here it is--I picked up this fabric in the remnant bin several months ago. The bag is lined with some lime green cotton I had bought to coordinate with a different fabric. Inside is one of those Cranium activity books that I picked up in the bargain aisle at Borders. If you make a homemade bag, you get to put a deeply discounted book inside!
And last week I ordered this! I'm all fired up about preserving my tomatoes in some way or another. And after reading in the book that the tomato sauce recipe calls for 45 pounds of tomatoes (WTF?), I'll probably be making salsas instead of gravy! So grow, little tomatoes, grow! My jalapenos are also coming in. They are growing so fast, it's almost funny. It seems like every day when I check on the jalapenos, they've grown another half inch. My bell peppers are not doing so good, and I'm not happy about that. I may get a couple of peppers if I'm lucky. I'm bummed because I had planted a red, a yellow, and a green pepper plant. I was fired up about bell peppers. There's always next year.

This coming week should be more relaxed. The little guys have swim lessons, and Caroline has her well visit this week. Back to Camp Mommy!


Meredith said...

You've been so busy!! I am loving your birthday bags...and I cannot wait to see your quilt. Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

How is Camp Mommy going this week? I heard it is blazing hot in your world right now. Do you have a town pool or something that you all can use? I am teaching a riding lesson this morning-then we are all heading out to the "big wave" beach up in Maine today-now mind you "big wave" beach in Maine just means might be able to boogie board a little-body surfing would be too rough on the stomach! Luca does start surfing lessons next week! How do you manage to get your sewing in and entertaining the kids? Are they doing any other camps this summer? Colleen