Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Wednesday, already? This week is passing quickly! We're going on vacation Saturday, so I'm preoccupied with pre-vacay stuff--taking the dog for his shots, cleaning the house, laundry, stopping the mail, getting the oil changed in the car. So far, so good. But...
But, Caroline is in New Jersey this week with her cousins--going to a party every day it seems. I miss her. Caitlin and Bobby go to gymnastics camp this week from one to five--that's right, four hours a day to myself! So far, I've done a little thrifting, a little cleaning, and a lot of waiting at the vet's office. Today I'm going to my favorite thrift store. I haven't been to this one since school let out, so I'm super excited. They have a huge book section.
And we've decided to repaint the kitchen. We're averaging once a year on painting the kitchen! The irony is that the color we've chosen this time is probably the same one that was originally on the walls when we moved in. Clearly a sign that this should the be last time we paint the kitchen! Since our latest color is Belgian Chocolate, I'm going to have to prime over it because we're trying to decide between two peach colors. I so did not want to spend my kid-free time this week painting the kitchen. I'm trying to psych myself up--if I thrift and do fun stuff today, can I spend six or so hours over the next two days priming the walls? And then when we get back from vacay, I can put the real color on the walls. For the last time.
In the garden, the plum tomatoes are coming in like gangbusters. I picked eight of them yesterday. I have to decide what I'm going to do with them and then do it before we leave! I don't have the other forty-three pounds required to make the canned sauce recipe I have, so I'm not sure what to do. And I have to get it done by Friday night, 'cause we're out the door on Saturday morning.
I'll probably check in one more time before we leave, but after that it'll be quiet around here--vacay is off-line!

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Meredith said...

I wish you joy, peace, and good finds thrifting! I got a lovely big pyrex bowl and some vintage Judy Blume books for my collection for the kids when I set out thrifting this last weekend.

have a great vacation!!!