Friday, August 1, 2008

Seeking advice...

I really should be packing or making some kind of sauce with all the tomatoes I've picked from the garden, but no, I decided to dismantle the kitchen and paint!

This is before, also known as Belgian chocolate. We liked the color. It made the cabinets stand out. It also made the kitchen pretty dark. The previous owners added a room behind the kitchen, so the nearest window is about twelve feet away. Please ignore all the stuff on the counters--I'm a realtors' nightmare (what with their "one thing on the counters" rule). And just know that all that crap from the counters is now in my dining room!
Here is what I did yesterday--I primed the whole thing and then put up the two colors we're considering. Keep in mind that the family room (which is behind the kitchen in these pictures) is yellow (or "Concord Ivory" according to the peeps at Benjamin Moore).
I don't know. I think I'm going back over to the paint store today to find something in between. The one on the left is...I don't know, I don't love it. It also doesn't really blend with the family room. The one on the right is just a bit too orange? I do NOT want to paint this kitchen again! I think we're going to let the samples sit and decide when we get back. Now I just need to put the kitchen back together a little bit--just so we don't come home to a construction zone. Thoughts greatly appreciated!
Now it's time to take the dog to the kennel--and that will be the unofficial start of my vacation! See you in a week!

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