Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We're back!

And boy, am I tired! Our weekend was pretty nice--we actually had seasonally appropriate weather for once! Highlights of the weekend include our annual visit to Dutch Wonderland and a huge Memorial Day parade...wow, that pretty much sums it up!

Now the girls are back at school. It feels weird for Bobby to be out already. The girls have their Tug-of-War today. Tomorrow is Field day, so the tug-of-war gets the competitive juices flowing! Caroline's last Brownie meeting is on Friday and her birthday party is Saturday morning. Suddenly I'm feeling overwhelmed, like this is sneaking up on me--and now I have a cake to bake! Aaagghh!

And in the really annoying department, our printer has decided to do its own thing. Unfortunately, "its own thing" does not include printing documents when the computer tells it to. I tried just about everything in the troubleshooter yesterday, to no avail. I can unplug the stupid thing and when I re-plug it in, the light still blinks like it's processing a print job (and yet it never prints!). Things like this make me crazy, and I need to print some stuff!

I've been thinking about cutting back on the blogging for the summer. Maybe a twice-weekly update? I need to set the example (this is when being the grown up sucks!) so I can' t very well spend an hour and a half posting and reading (mostly reading and clicking on links and finding new blogs to read...) every day. Sigh.

I have one more apron to show you, maybe tomorrow. I finished it on Saturday and then stayed away from the sewing machine the rest of the weekend. AND I missed the sale at Jo-Ann this weekend (I had a really good coupon). I'm kinda bummed about that, but really, I don't need any more fabric or projects right now. Maybe next week...

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Meredith said...

When we were up that way a few years back (Hannah was 1 1/2, no James yet, Aron was 3), we ALMOST went to Dutch Wonderland. However, we were exhausted from our trip to a wedding, staying at a working farm there (Rocky something or other Farm, it was cool), and life in general. I've seen that place on Jon and Kate plus 8!! You live near J&K!!

Glad you had fun. I totally relate to cutting back. It's crazy time for you. I thought the end of school would literally kill me this year!!