Monday, May 12, 2008

Back to the Grind

And now the holiday's over, no more celebration of ME in this house...sigh. Now it's onto things like booking Caroline's birthday party. I hate "booking Caroline's birthday party"--geez, she's going to be eight. I should be inviting three friends over for cake or something, but no, I'm "booking" the party. Ugh. At a SALON. For MAKEOVERS. Did I mention she's going to be eight? Amazing how it's easier to give in than to insist she have a Little House fantasy, I know, and I'm letting go of it eventually...

I've been meaning to make this phone call for a couple of weeks now, and time keeps slipping by...good thing I called today because this place only had one time left that weekend! I suppose that I need to get the invitations out by the end of the week. Now for the hard part--whittling down the invite list, because more than eight girls costs an additional $19.95 per girl!

My mom has booked her tickets to come up in June, so I'm doing a happy dance. She's going to get to see the girls' recital, and then she's going to watch my crazy brood for a couple of nights while Rob and I go away to celebrate our tenth anniversary. I'm not exactly sure where we're going. First it was Paris, then we woke up and remembered that we hadn't won the lottery, so then it was Cooperstown or somewhere in the Hudson River it's looking like Atlantic City. AC is about 2 hours from here...if we keep this up, we'll end up at a B&B in New Hope! It's a couple of nights away, so it's all good, really. And my mom hasn't been here since Christmas, so I'm really looking forward to her visit.

And now, it's time to start yet another load of laundry.

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Meredith said...

I hear you on the birthday thing. Ugh!! Good luck with that!!

Ooh, a weekend away! We did that for 10 was wonderful. ONe day we'll escape again!!