Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Wednesday

I should be conserving my energy--I have two rounds of dance recital pictures today, and we all know how sparkly costumes and curling irons make little girls crazy...I've decided to forgo the makeup for the pictures today. It's optional for pictures, so we're opting out. Makeup just adds another layer of insanity.

On to the good stuff! Here is Simplicity 3750. It was pretty easy to make. I did have some problems, but nothing major. It's very difficult to distinguish the "right side" from the "wrong side" of this fabric, and that got me into trouble a couple of times--nothing the old seam ripper can't handle. And the next time I make this (because there will be a next time--I already bought the fabric), I'll make it a little cleaner up front where the elastic casing is at the top. I'm really the only one who will notice on this one.

It's cute! And thankfully, it doesn't look like a maternity top. I was afraid it would be a little too poufy. I don't want to be starting rumors (and just to be clear, no I'm not pregnant).
The little man saw me taking pictures this morning and he wanted to get in on the fun. How could I say no to that adorable face?
And then, while I was making breakfast, I heard a little tapping on the window and saw this little visitor. I'm pretty pleased with the zoom capabilities on my camera--I shot this from the kitchen (about 15 feet away from the window). Birdie flew away before I could move closer. He was tapping on the window. It made me wonder if I should put anything on the glass to stop them from hurting themselves...but it's not like we have birds flying into the windows much. Maybe he wanted some pancakes!

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Handi Dandi Mandi said...

The shirt turned out great! It's really cute. Your little morning visitor was cute too. I remember those dance recitals and sequin and glitter and tutus and really bright pink blush...I can understand the craziness!