Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30

I used the date for my title today because sometimes thinking up a title is the hardest part. Actually, the hardest part of my day today was getting the girls to school. I had to wake them at 7:30. Nobody actually got out of bed until maybe 7:45. I don't think everyone was downstairs until about eight. Of course nobody was dressed. Then we had all sorts of drama over we left around 8:30. Or so I thought. Caroline was able to get in her door, but by the time we got around to Caitlin's door on the other side of the school, the doors were locked. We had to go into the office and sign in as tardy. I was so frustrated! I can hear my mom's voice right now, saying how the kids aren't bothered about being late because there's no stake in it for them. So true. As Bobby and I walked home, I noticed other cars continuing to drive in and out from school--seems we weren't the only tardy ones today. As much as I'm cringing over this "black mark" on our record, sometimes being late happens. Deep breath and let it go...

So, yesterday or the day before, I tried out this tutorial I'd found on making these cute coasters:

Ta-da! Aren't they cute? I was still in red, white and blue mode, but I can see myself making all sorts of coasters, especially in cute Christmas material. Because I need another sewing project, you know.

Then, I finished this bag for the LAST of the spring birthday parties!

I just couldn't be bothered to put a name or an initial or any yo-yo's on it. I went with ric rack. Still cute.

Then, I decided that I've been making bags for just about every girl on the block but I still don't have a cute bag (and my summer Vera bag is just too small). So, on Wednesday night, I sort of made up a pattern for a bag, and voila!

It's about 95% perfect--there are a couple of design flaws and a couple of sewing errors, but I do just love it! I love the fabrics--I had ordered this half-yard assortment of Ginger Blossom fabric a couple of months ago, and it had been languishing. I love that I can fit more things into it. My old bag could barely hold my wallet, so this is an improvement. Here is the inside:
I put loads of pockets and a strap (out of focus on the left) to clip my keys to. The opening of the purse is so small (design error) that it's hard to see all the pockets, but I put pockets on both sides of the purse. I'm happy!

Today, I have to make at least one birthday cake. I also want to go to the library. A couple of weeks ago, I dropped several books in the outside return bin, and one of the books is still showing that it's to resolve? Maybe they've found it in a dark corner of the return bin by now. Here's hoping. Of course, the last time I had lost a book, I paid for it ($15.00--ouch!) only to FIND it in the basement some two and a half years later! But I know I had this book in my car, and I've turned it inside out looking...wish me luck.

My first-born turns eight on Sunday. If I have time to get busy with the scanner, maybe I'll post a little walk down memory lane over the weekend. Have a great weekend!


Liz said...

Your bag is great! I love that fabric.

Shawnee said...

Your bag turned out so beautiful!!