Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Friday!

I'm pretty sure I have a thrift shop addiction! There's one store in particular that I only get to about every couple of weeks, and I went today. I walked in and went straight to the housewares/kitchen area and found this treasure! I grabbed it as soon as it was within reach. Happy me! Just look how pretty the snowflakes are.

And here is the shirt I finished yesterday. I'm hoping it will be warm enough to wear this weekend. This week was cool--I had to pull out all the kids' long pants I'd already packed away. So putting them away again is going to be fun...

I'm looking at this picture and because the angle I shot from was weird, the shirt looks lopsided. Oh well--it is actually symmetrical.
This weekend we're off to New Jersey--after a teeball game and birthday party--to celebrate three family birthdays. Then we're back home on Sunday for a soccer game. Let's see..I think there are only three more birthday parties before Caroline's birthday. It's May now, and that means I'd best get to planning her party.
Have a fun weekend!


Meredith said...

So jealous of your awesome pyrex find!! How do you find them? Our thrift stores have zip. I have to go antique or etsy.

Pretty shirt! You've got the sewing mojo!!

Anonymous said...

How were the birthday celebrations? Your shirts are just lovely! Aside from your trip to Cape May what else are you all up to this summer? Colleen

Mary Beth said...

Your shirt turned out great! Can't wait to see the next one.