Monday, April 28, 2008

What I've been up to...

I've been quiet on the blogging front--weekends are busy, as you know, and I've been trying to finish up birthday projects. Here's some visual goodness:
Or some visually frightening non-goodness. This is the top I made last week. Please note that it was about 9:30 at night--after several hours of frustration with trying to sew this shirt, and any make-up (if I had even put it on that day) had long since slid off my face. Anywhoo, back to the goodies... Here is my Anchor-Hocking Fire King piece that I picked up on Friday! So pretty!
These are still in progress--I need to add more paint to the one on the right. These are for my niece. She's turning nine this week, and since I didn't hear back from my sister-in-law and since I was dying to make this, she's getting some "art" for her walls! I'm making a coordinating bag and t-shirt--it's amazing how a theme emerged from this!
And this is the biggie--I made this for my mother-in-law. The grids don't exactly match up in some places (boy, is that quarter-inch seam allowance so much easier said than done!), and I had to do some wrestling with the quilt, but I'm pretty proud of this. I hope she likes it! I decided at the last minute that I need to make a bag out of leftovers to put it in...she can use the bag as a beach tote. I just love how I'm coming up with all these last-minute projects to do all before Saturday! Like I don' t have anything else I could be doing! Oh well, I'm having fun. I'll post more later in the week!


Meredith said...

ooh my jealousy over your talent and good taste knows no bounds! you are sooo productive too! I have been dying to try freezer stencils and the fabric pics too!! way to go!!

Mary Beth said...

I think your top turned out great! I'll post mine next week if I get to make it. And I love the bags too. Great mother's day gift.