Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This Just In!

How excited am I! My mailman came back around to my house because he had to drop off my shipment from Amazon--it's Amanda's new book, the creative family. (!!!!) I was so bummed yesterday when the email from Amazon said I'd be getting it on Saturday--I didn't want to wait. And now I have it!

Happy reading!


Meredith said...

SOB! I still haven't got mine! Tomorrow, tomorrow!!

wan-nabe said...

this is totally random, but i saw your reply on bakerella's post and thought i'd mention that wilton's makes peanut butter-flavored candy melts.
you probably know that already, but i figured i'd throw it your way just in case.


wan-nabe said...

omg, i'm stupid. please disregard my comment - i just re-read your post and you were talking about what to MIX in the cake, not DIP in.

i'm an idiot, and you can delete me. i'm so embarrassed.

Linnea said...

I just got mine the other day! It is such a great read, I hope you are enjoying it too!