Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday fun!

On Saturday, we went to New Jersey to celebrate our niece's twelfth birthday. Everyone had a nice time. The weather was actually warm-ish, so the kids spent more time playing outside than they're used to. Lexie loved her shirts, so that was gratifying for me. The only downside to our day trip was that we stayed a little longer than we usually do, and by the time we got home, the dog had lost bowel control and pooped in his crate. Thank God we still crate him when we leave the house! But then, his delicate constitution was still so disrupted that he threw up three times over the course of the night. So I've been having extra fun with clean-up duty!

Yesterday was just cold--45 degrees and windy--and this was Caroline's first soccer game of the season. I had to go find all the winter hats (because I had put them away for the season a week ago) and take some blankets. Caroline did well. The field is so much larger this year!

We never had any of this promised rain over the weekend. Rob put down fertilizer on Friday because it was supposed to rain all day Friday and half of Saturday. Each day...nothing! Oh well. Here are some pictures of random items:

Yet another bag--this for a birthday party at the end of the month. I could write a chapter called, "when you're using too little fabric to make a ruffle."
This is a fat head! Lexie now has a life-size Miley Cyrus on her wall in her room.
And this was a thrifting find I made on Friday. I've been swooning over vintage Pyrex--not this particular pattern or color, mind you, but I figured I had to start somewhere. This bowl is small, and it cost $3. It was nesting inside a medium bowl, but I didn't want to pay another $5 for that one too. (See, I have about 12 mixing bowls, and I just don't want to get into explanations to hubby about why I needed more mixing understand, right?) Especially since it's not a pattern or color that I love. If it had been that pretty turquoise color, you'd be looking at as many as I could grab!

So there you have it! I'm going to be working on more bags this week--I have to finish one for a party Bobby is going to on Sunday. I'm also racking my brain for this April in Paris swap! It's keeping me up at night. I may clean out the toy room more. Amanda's book is inspiring me to get rid of more stuff. She's full of great ideas that I'd like to slowly implement. Of course, Bobby came home with a sack full of handed down Power Rangers on Saturday, so I'm kinda swimming upstream on this one!


Meredith said...

Kudos on the sweet bag and the cool pyrex find! So funny, I just posted ANOTHER pyrex post. Can you say, obsession?!

Have a great day...I can't wait to read more of Amanda's book too!!

Marcia said...

Both the birthday bags are very cute. Great idea.