Monday, March 17, 2008

Would you believe?

That after all that planning and sewing, I managed to get almost no pictures from Caitlin's party? That's what happens when the photographer is also the party coordinator! Oh, well. I think the girls had fun. It was a super-small party, so it was very low-key. We watched most of an episode of Little House, then we made Baby Carrie's button string, and we made a tassel--like Laura and Carrie made for Mary's Christmas slippers. (We kinda ran out of time to make the second tassel.) Then the girls decorated their own little cakes--lots of sugar, lots of fun! I think Rob thought it was too small. I think it was the perfect size--I've never been so un-stressed before a party! And I think five gifts that will be lost or broken before the end of the month is a vast improvement over ten or twenty!
Blowing out her candles on her actual birthday--and yes, that is the same cake we used for Rob the day before! No sense in making additional cake!
Little bonnets all in a row. The only picture I regret not getting was one of all the girls wearing their bonnets.
All ready for Baby Carrie's button string! And later I can tell you the story about how I blew $12.00 on eBay on vintage buttons. All of these buttons came from craft stores--for about $12.00 total (but they're not vintage...). I'm an eBay fool!
Here are the girls frosting their cakes. It got very messy!

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Meredith said...

I love the party idea!! Great fun. And just right for the age as well. The bonnets are precious!!

Ah, maybe I'll break out a little house dvd today...