Thursday, March 6, 2008

Too Many Balls...

As I typed that title, I thought, "that sounds much racier than what I'm actually thinking about." I mean "too many balls" as in trying to juggle too many things. The rest of you, get your minds out of the gutter, please! *wink*

I cannot juggle balls--or any other object, for that matter. I can handle tossing one ball around, but it falls apart when I try to add the second ball. I thought it was a good analogy for the home life around here lately, and then I was inspired by Meredith's posting yesterday regarding balance. Or more accurately, I was probably relieved to see someone else brave enough to show us what her kitchen sink and laundry hamper looked like!

So I'm owning up to my own imbalance--or inability to juggle successfully the "balls" of housework and crafty fun. Something's gotta give, so why not let the drudgery wait? (BTW, I did get around to scrubbing toilets--instead of last Thursday, I did them on Tuesday, so now I get a day off from toilet duty!) There's so much other fun stuff to be doing!

Here, you can see all the stages of laundry going on here--we have "clean, folded, but not put away," "clean but not folded sheets piled up onto the dresser because we needed to use the basket for another load," and we have "partially sorted--which means 'dumped all over the floor' and waiting for a laundry basket so it can be washed." Ever notice how washing and folding is only half the battle? It can take another week before that folded clean laundry finds its way to a dresser.
This is one of the many reasons the laundry mountain is growing. This is an outfit I made for Caitlin for her birthday next week. It's inspired by Erin at house on hill road. She has done all sorts of cute appliques on tshirts for her girls, so I tried my hand at it. And she has a tutorial for the twirly skirt--it's super easy and very cute! I imagine Caitlin is going to be over the moon for the skirt. (I also imagine that it will be snowing when I dress her in this summer-weight skirt in mid-March, but we can't have it all--it's her birthday, dammit!)
So cute! I'd make one for myself if I didn't think I'd look ridiculous.
Yesterday, we left Caroline's dance lesson at 5:30, and I was shocked by how much sunlight was left! The difference from last week was amazing! It's like Mother Nature sent out a memo or something. Everything is on cue. Late last summer, I planted daffodil bulbs, and it appears that we have success. These little guys are starting to pop up all over the front yard! The thing about gardening is that you have to be willing to wait to get any sort of feeling of satisfaction. I am learning the hard way that it's just not an immediate gratification sort of endeavor. But when it works, it's like you've just watched magic happen. Cool.


Meredith said...

I am pleased that you too are setting yourself free and posting your laundry on the internet for all to see! Viva laundry piles!!

That outfit is precious!! You're so talented. I wish I could sew like that.

Have a great Friday! Love those sprouting springtime flowers!!

Sarah and Jack said...

I swear laundry multiples when it gets wet, like gremlins.

Susan said...

First of all, thanks for your comment on my blog regarding my picky eaters! Even if nothing changes, it's always helpful to get encouragement from other moms.
And second, bless you for posting those photos of your bedroom. It looks just like mine! I always feel like such a loser when I see all the LOVELY photos of BEAUTIFULLY decorated and neat-as-a-pin homes on so many blogs. Finally, here is the real deal! THANK YOU!
And that outfit is so pretty. Just think, your daughter will never remember the laundry piles, but she will always know that you made her that special outfit.

Natesa said...

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