Sunday, March 23, 2008

Still here

Yeah, I'm still here. Happy Easter, by the way. Our day started at 7:20 when Bobby came into our room and asked if he could go downstairs. About ten minutes later, we had a full-on Egg Hunt happening in the house.

We've been busy doing projects and playing referee--and when Rob is home, I somehow end up at the back of the line for computer time. I'll post Easter pictures tomorrow (when hubby's back at work and I get first go at the computer).

The kids are off tomorrow, but then they're back to school on Tuesday--thank goodness! And I just found out that Bobby's first teeball practice is on Wednesday at 6:00pm. Ugh! Are you kidding me? Two dance lessons and then a ball practice all on the same day? Fasten your seatbelts. I can just tell you right now that I won't be leaving the house at all on Thursday.

Okay, I got off on a mini-rant, and I try not to do that on holidays (giggle)! Have a great Easter day!

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Kathryn said...

Had to check out your blog as you made nice comments on mine! Love the bunnies you made. Too bad today is Easter and it's too late to try to make them for this year.