Friday, October 1, 2010

Yarn love

This week, I went to a yarn shop to purchase yarn for Christmas gifts.  I was going to call it "my favorite" yarn shop, but let's be honest--they're all my favorites!  Actually, this store is fairly close to civilization (one of my other favorites is way out in the country--a pretty drive, but not useful if I'm trying to fit it in with other errands), and it has a large selection of Plymouth Galway and Brown Sheep yarns.  You know, basic worsted wools that are reasonably priced. 

This time around, I was looking for yarn for my nieces (I have three).  I'm making them each mittens and a hat.  I also want to make a Libby sweater for Caroline for Christmas, so I also purchased yarn for that.  And I hope to have enough yarn leftover from the hats and mittens to use as the contrast colors for the sweater. 

In addition to all these gifts, I am also tackling these Aran mittens for myself.  It's a learning experience!

I just love having a multitude of knitting projects to work on!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

The more projects you have going on at once -- the better! You'll never be bored, that's for sure. And oh, what beautiful yarn. I just love yarn (don't you?).

Kristyn Knits said...

Oh my, all at once? I get crazy when I have too many projects started. Looks like you have a great plan and have started early! Happy Knitting!

Larissa said...
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Larissa said...

So much goodness here. I love the basic worsted wool - i haven't knit with it for a while because i've been enjoying the ease of superwash but it doesn't feel the same at all. Just go slow and steady and you'll have no problem getting all these done.

the aran mitts are perfect to work on in between all the stockinette in the libby sweater - you paired your project wisely lady!

the deleted comment above was from me - still having trouble signing into google.

stitching under oaks said...

I love all those yarns. Such fun and yummy colors! You'll be kniting through the fall working on all your projects (sounds heavenly to me!) Keep us posted on the progress that you make and have a great weekend!