Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Five

1.  It's "Celebrate Education Week" over at the elementary school.  This means that I've been over there almost every day to play math games with first graders, visit the third grade insect zoo, create an advertisement for one of the thirteen colonies.  It's also book fair week, so I got a little Christmas shopping done (Knuffle Bunny Free!  I didn't even know this was out.  We love, love, love Mo Willems in this house!)

 2.  I have finished one of my mittens.  That top picture shows it without the thumb, but it's done now. 
 Runs a little large, I'd say.  But there is no way I'm re-knitting this, so I'll just have a gorgeous pair of really large mittens (whenever I finish the mate).

 3. So here are all of the nieces' hats.  They were also running large, so for Sarah's (the pink and white), I took out one of the pattern repeats.  It seems to fit all my kiddos' heads just fine, so I think it'll work for her.
 4. Kristyn had a good idea--that I should finish up the sets instead of starting the nephews' hats.  She's right, I will feel so much better when I have some complete gift sets to admire.
 I had been dragging my feet on this because the mitten patterns I'm using are all adult sizes--way too large for an eleven-year-old.  I tried using the pattern as written, but it was huge on me.  I had to cut it way down, as you can see.
 Now that the first one is done, the second one should be a breeze!  I know I'm going to have to adapt Sarah's mittens, but I'm hoping that for Alexis (she's 14), I can just use the pattern as written and just knit with smaller needles.
5.  Harry Potter robes are done, now I'm racing the clock to knit up a Gryffindor scarf for Caroline.  It's really going quickly because I'm using ginormous yarn and size 13 needles.  My only concern is that I will run out of yarn before it's long enough!

Tonight we're going on a spooky hayride with the Boy Scouts.  I hope it's not too spooky--some of my littles are not into extreme spookiness.  I also hope it's not too chilly.  It may be time to dig out some hats and mittens.  Happy weekend to you all!


stitching under oaks said...

it's a chilly night here...bundle up! the hats are wonderful. I love the mittens too! I want to be on your Christmas are a wonderful gift maker/giver!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You're a knitting machine. I'm amazed at what your producing. I think Kristyn's right....You will get satisfaction out of finished sets.

Stay warm and enjoy that hayride. There were snow flurries coming down here in NYS this afternoon.

Larissa said...

Your hats and mittens are awesome! The girls will love them. Hope your hayride wasn't too spooky and that you had a great time.

Kristyn Knits said...

Meg, the hat and mitten sets are going to be so beautiful! So happy you decided to complete your sets. I love seeing them! When we get together, you have to give me some tips (maybe even a lesson) on pattern knitting like that. I've not tried it. Hope you enjoy your Halloween weekend!

Kristyn Knits said...

Hey...what happened to my first comment?... it's gone!
I love these mitts!! I'm so happy you decided to do the sets together. I'm sure you feel so good getting these together. Maybe you could give me a few knitting lessons when we get together.