Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have started! It's going well--a little slower than I had planned/hoped, but that's because I have started some additional projects. Why work on just one or three things when you could work on six or seven?

Here are some nine patch blocks for Caitlin's quilt:
Here are some blocks for Caroline's quilt. I'm calling this the "Red Barn Quilt" because I saw something similar on Old Red Barn Co.
And one of my additional projects is a wall hanging to go over our fireplace. Amanda Jean has done a couple of quilt-alongs this year over at her blog, so I chose nine blocks from there to do for my project. They're coming along nicely--I'm done with the blocks and am working on the sashing. Joann is having a sale this week and quilt batting is 50% off, so I'll be there later this week to get the batting and finish this one up!

I have been sorely neglecting any housework so far this week--I'd much rather sit at the sewing machine! Our weather has finally turned cooler to the point where I'd say it's for good. We had a frost on Sunday night--goodbye, basil! We also had to turn on the heat. All this cooler weather has me itching to make the house all cozy for winter. This is why I'm running around wanting to make curtains and cushions and quilts...(oh my!).


Amy said...

Oh your nine patch is just lovely...great fabric choices!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

you have a great start! I have a hard time working on multiple things - just my personality I guess :) All the fabrics you are using are so pretty - have fun!

Meredith said...

popping in from vacation to see your loverly quilt blocks! Matt got me a book on machine quilting last year and I'm still chicken to try...you are inspiring me!! Talk to you soon!!