Monday, October 13, 2008

Picture-free Monday

Posts with pictures are so much more fun than picture-free ones. However, we shall persevere, shan't we? (Plus, I really wanted to use "shan't" in a post.)

So it's Monday. What's in the works for today? I'm thinking about starting to cut fabric for the girls' quilts. I'm also thinking about working on them at the same time instead of completely finishing one first. I still have to finish sewing the binding on the back of Bobby's--I did do one side last night while watching the Amazing Race. The finishing touches aren't very exciting, are they? I figure if I can sew one side every other night or so, I'll be in good shape. It's still October. *wink*

Over the weekend, I bought a pattern and some fabric to make a skirt. And on Thursday, Vogue patterns will be on sale at Joann, so I'll be buying a couple patterns that I've had my eye on. Not sure when I'll get around to making anything, but it'll be nice to have the patterns for $3.99 instead of $20.

A couple of posts out there in blogland regarding rocking chairs got me to thinking. I brought a rocking chair up from the basement and put it in our sunroom. I envision winter knitting and the fire. I just have to figure out how to use our remote-controlled gas fireplace. Seriously. The remote and (I hope) the directions are with a bunch of papers left behind by the original owners. In all the years we've owned a house, Rob and I have NEVER used the fireplace. The other two houses had old-school fireplaces, but this one is all fancy-schmancy. I may break down this winter and get it going. As soon as I find the directions.

I am getting all ADD with crafting ideas--I told you this would happen, that's why I tried to make a list of projects. I have visions of curtains, covered cushions (for the rocking chair), quilts to hang on the wall, and more hats and fingerless gloves to knit than anyone can wear. Sigh. Guess it's time to go cut fabric.

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Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Rocking chair by the fireplace sound nice :) Hope you have a good Monday!