Monday, October 27, 2008

A quick hello!

Before we rush out the door to dance class. I'm still battling that feeling that there aren't enough hours in the day! Today was productive, although not nearly as productive as I would have liked...but I realize I'm being unrealistic. I made covers for the rocking chair cushions, and Caroline came home from school and moved right into that rocking chair...we could have a problem here! I also cut out the panels for the curtains, and I finally finished putting in the zipper on the skirt I'm sewing. So yay for me--I really did do a lot today, and all of it got done while I continued to battle this lingering headache. I swear, a low-to-mid grade migraine just sucks after the second day or so.

Tonight Rob has to work late, and we'll have to postpone our Heroes viewing because we'll be watching the World Series. The Phillies are so close, and the whole region is going nuts. It's exciting.

And now, I must put the dog in the crate and corral three children into the car...

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Amy @ Park City Girl said...

You did get alot done! have a good evening.