Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This was at the beginning of my Rotary Cutter Odyssey. I couldn't find a way to photograph the fabric that would accurately convey how much cutting I had to do. It was a lot.
The hoodie--just needs the hood! And then I'll put it all together. What should make this especially fun is the fact that one sleeve is about four rows longer than the other. Sometimes you should not knit while watching TV...
Here's where I'll be all winter (I hope). What you can't see in this picture is the large bare wall over the fireplace. I'm thinking some sort of quilt wallhanging. In fact, I can't stop thinking about it (well, that and the curtains and the chair pads).
I have to do something with these guys soon. I made pizza sauce on Monday...there's another bunch of Romas that should be ripe by early next week, so I'd best get moving on this bunch. Any ideas? I guess I'm not quite ready to retire the canning equipment for the season.
During the quiet times today, I'll be here.


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

That hoodie looks so comfy! Cutting is the hardest part, but I love being able to just sit and sew after it's over :)

Linnea said...

I am always realizing after a movie and some mindless knitting that I did something totally weird rows and rows back!
Your knitting looks like it is coming around lovely.

Meredith said...

And you started knitting WHEN??? I am dazzled by your mad knitting skillz!!