Friday, October 24, 2008


It's Friday, and that means that at about 8:30 tonight, I can relax! Today is shaping up to be busy. Caroline's class has invited parents to visit their Insect Zoo at 11:45, then I have to dash Bobby off to school at 12:30. Both girls are going to a quilt shop this afternoon to learn how to sew--Caroline's brownie troop is doing it for a try-it, and since Caitlin is now a brownie, she's coming along, too. I'm tickled to death by the idea of them learning to use the machine, but I also have visions of them bugging me for machine time at home...when I don't even have enough time to finish my projects!

Anywhoo, today I'm going to Joann to get the quilt batting and some foam for cushions. I also need thread...and lots of other things!

My latest project for the house is this room:
We call it the sun room. It used to be the "toy room," but I moved most of the toys to the basement. The previous owners added this room after construction...they used it for their beautiful dining table. We don't have the money to spend on a beautiful new dining table for this room. Plus, it'd be overkill--there's already a table in the kitchen and a table in the dining room--how many tables does one house need?

My game plan for here isn't all that specific. I just want to take some of the edges off. I have fabric for curtains, I just have to sew them and hang a rod. All those windows can make it super hot/cold in the house, so curtains should help even that out a little. Then I'm making cushions for the rocking chair and for a bench you can't see in the picture. The patio furniture is going to go back outside. We brought that in before Bobby's party in September...and now it's time to remove it. We put our Christmas tree in here, so it'll definitely happen by December.

Here's my wall hanging quilt for over the fireplace:

Just have to sandwich, quilt, and bind. And hang on the wall...

And with all the sales at Joann's lately, I've been stocking up on patterns. I have cut out a skirt to make, I just need some thread. Hopefully I'll get some of these other things made before too long--hard to get excited about making fall clothes in the middle of winter!

Well, I find this post is similar to the state of by brain--all over the place and easily distracted! And full of exclamation points, too. I'm always reminded of that Seinfeld episode...
I wish you all a relaxing weekend!


HappyYogaMama said...

Wow! Your quilt is just beautiful!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

I love your sun room :) looks like a relaxing space. Your wall quilt looks so great! I love the sashing that you added - have a great weekend!