Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Three more weeks

Three more weeks until the first day of school...that's so long! Swim lessons are done, vacation is over, seems like there's nothing to do but get on each other's nerves! Time for a plan and fast! Maybe we could work on some of those Brownie try-its...we've done a few activities, but haven't completed any badges yet. Caroline is recovering from nearly two weeks of unlimited TV channels (I block Disney and Nick at home--the consumerism just seems out of control on those channels). Any ideas? We're going to the pool this afternoon but the water will probably be very cold from the recent rain and temperature dip.

We painted the kitchen on Sunday. It's much better. And I'll (mark my words, and feel free to bring this up to me later) NEVER PAINT THIS KITCHEN AGAIN!

Other fun stuff...the knitting is going well. On vacation I finished the scarf and made two hats. I'm planning a couple of Christmas projects and have ordered the yarn and needles. Now I'm just waiting on delivery so I can start! I also ordered fabric for the girls' quilts (another Xmas delivery date). I'll be using my kid-free time up on Christmas projects come fall!

The kids have declared that quiet time is over for the day, so that's all the blogging I'll be doing! Caroline has to go back to the ortho to get her thumb crib put back in--the cement didn't hold and the whole thing came out. Back to nights of poor sleep!

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Meredith said...

Good luck at the ortho!! And yes, those last few weeks, I feel, are God's way of getting you totally ok with sending off the wee ones to school. It makes sure you're good and READY!!