Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two weeks

Two weeks until school starts. Fourteen days. How many fights can they have until then?

Caroline has managed to get the thumb crib out of her mouth again--this time the wires actually broke, so we'll be back at the orthodontist's office today. I'm not sure if he can solder it back together in her mouth or if he'll have to take the bands off her molars, re-solder the thing, and then reinstall the whole thing. At what point do we give up?

Yesterday I broke out my boiling water canner (a.k.a. the biggest pot I've ever seen) and made some tomato sauce. I didn't have enough for the full recipe as shown in my cookbook, but I did use up all of my ripe tomatoes. Until the next ones ripen...tomatoes are crazy that way. I'm enjoying canning--I plan on doing more of it next year. I wish I'd made regular strawberry jam instead of the freezer jam this year. I can't really give freezer jam as a Christmas gift. Live and learn.

From the smell of things, I'll be giving the dog a bath today. He is leaving a trail of stink throughout the house. Maybe I need to trim some fur in a strategic location...funny how when we got a puppy we never considered what it would be like to care for him when he was old and incontinent...

We still have to get new backpacks and sneakers for school. Although I'm seriously considering skipping this whole "new sneaker" thing and maybe telling them to wear their old sneakers on gym day. After all, those "old" sneakers still fit last week, it's not like their feet grew an inch overnight.

We're going to watch more olympics today. I just get such a kick out of watching the kids watch the olympics. It's so weird to think that they've never seen most of these sports--they'd never seen a gymnastics competition before! I remember watching the olympics when I was a kid--just seeing all those amazing tricks and sports--and to watch my kids as they take it all in for the first time has been a real treat.

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