Monday, August 25, 2008

Facebook madness

There's something in the air over on Facebook. I've been on there for several months, maybe up to a year by now, but I've never had much activity. For a while, I had maybe three friends--and then my brother got some of his friends to befriend me (thereby confirming his lifelong suspicion that HE is, in fact, the cool one, but I digress *giggle*). Anywhoo, last month, a friend from middle school found me on facebook, and she told two friends, and they told two friends, et cetera. I've added maybe six friends in the last four days!

It has been fun to see names I haven't seen in (gulp) twenty years. One girl even posted some pictures, and that was painful to look at. I guess I can't really tease my Jersey girl sisters-in-law about their eighties hair anymore, because we South Carolinian girls sure could rock the big hair too.

It's been a virtual reunion, which is great because I've missed all of the actual reunions--that's the bummer about living so far from the old hometown (my parents and brother don't live there anymore, either).

Enough with the time wasting online fun, I'm sure there's something I could be cleaning right now...


Meredith said...

I need a facebook page. All the cool kids are doing it!! I just haven't gotten around to it. Will let you know if I do and we can be facebook friends!!

Amy said...

It's a strange phenomenon the facebook thing. I've heard from people who I went to kindergarten with, people who I don't remember at all, people who I didn't like in school, people I'm thrilled to hear from again, people who have gotten married and changed their names and expect their old friends to know who they are, and many more. Sometimes I have to make myself log off so I can sleep.