Thursday, September 27, 2007

Too much TV?

More like "not enough recording space." TV has returned from summer vacation. I'm excited--it's like getting to visit with old friends again and make some new ones. I'm having trouble establishing a reliable schedule, though. This may finally be the year that I have dedicated night of watching recorded shows. Only I'm running out of space on the DVR. Let's do a quick review of the week so far:

Sunday: Nothing going on. Maybe a little 60 Minutes. Now that Tony and the gang are done, we'll probably watch Rescue Me on DVD until we're caught up. I gave up on the ladies of Wisteria Lane back in Season 2.

Monday: At 8:00, I'm all about How I Met Your Mother. I found this show last year, and I just think it's so funny. I'm also slightly aware of being about five years too old for this show, but it's hilarious nonetheless. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recorded Chuck. I still haven't watched it, although I saw the last ten minutes live that night. Then at 9:00, I watched Heroes, and I really enjoyed it. I think this will be a permanent addition for me, and I was tickled to see that one of the new characters had a small role on The Office last season as Jan's assistant, Hunter. At 10:00, Journeyman came on, and I went to bed. I have recorded it, but haven't found the time to watch. I'm interested in this one because it reminds me of the book The Time Traveler's Wife (which I loved), and because it has the actor from Rome.

Tuesdays: I got nothing! I suppose I should dedicate this night to Chuck and Journeyman, or I'm going to get hopelessly behind and give up on them. I do miss those Gilmore Girls...Doesn't House air on Tuesdays? I wanted to give that show a try as well. Time to clear out the DVR.

Wednesdays: A couple of weeks ago, I watched the pilot of Back to You. It was pretty funny, and I think it has potential. Of course, I promptly forgot about it and don't know if it has aired since. See, it takes a couple of weeks to get into a routine with watching shows. I also had forgotten until 9:50 that Private Practice was on. I caught the last ten minutes. I wasn't that thrilled. I didn't really care for the "pilot" last season--it just didn't flow well. I really liked Addison on Gray's Anatomy, I loved the way she could just stare holes in Karev. Do I care enough to start watching another "quirky" medical drama? Not sure--it feels like a David E. Kelley show (if that makes any sense). At 10:00, I caught the first few minutes of Dirty Sexy Money. Then I went to bed. It looked fairly interesting, and I read a good review of it over at TVSquad. But do I care enough to add yet another series recording to the old DVR? Not sure. That brings us to the Granddaddy of all TV nights, Thursdays!

Yay, it's Thursday! This is when my DVR skills are really going to be put to the test. The Office's first few episodes are going to be hour-long. And they're up against Gray's now. (I'm not all that pumped about Gray's--there weren't any huge cliff-hangers that I'm dying to see resolved. It just seemed like everyone was having a really bad time.) And now that I've decided to watch 30 Rock (it grew on me during re-runs this summer), I'm pretty much committed to NBC until 10. If ABC would replay Gray's on Friday nights, I'd be in good shape.

Fridays: This is usually when I re-watch The Office. It's just something I do. I don't even check the listings for anything to watch.

Saturdays: It's football season. I don't get the remote back until Monday!

So, there you have it--entirely too much information about my viewing habits. I'll be sure to post tomorrow with my thoughts on The Office (and probably Earl, too. I do just love that show.). Am I missing any shows? Is there something I should check out?

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