Thursday, September 13, 2007

Here's one I forgot

Speaking of Caitlin, here's a funny episode from yesterday: She has started reading, so she's constantly spelling out words and trying to pronounce words, etc. She also looks for rhyming words. Yesterday, she started with "truck" and "duck." "Mommy, do those words rhyme?" "Yes, they do." And in my head, I'm thinking, "oh, please don't continue down this road--I know what's coming." Of course, she then reels off a list of four words that end in -uck, and you know what that first one was!

The really sad and/or funny part about this story is that I have had to discuss with her before that the -uck word beginning with f- is not a word that little children (or their extremely frustrated mothers) should use. And she nodded her head knowingly and that was the end of that. Sigh.

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