Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday morning

I'm waiting for Rob to wake up so I can start breakfast, only I'm starving and the kids are hungry too. But I only want to cook once this morning...maybe it's time to roust him!

Of course, the kids are quiet right now and this is my only time to go online and post. The weekdays are so crazy with the constant dropping off and picking up. It's nice to be able to just sit. I do need to go to the store today to replenish the snacks--these kids would live on snacks. I know the Eagles play today at one, so hopefully if I go then, the line at the deli won't be too bad. Last week I went to take a number at the deli--I pulled number 30, they were now serving number 2. No cold cuts last week.

This week, television starts back up again! I'm very excited. I just have to work out what I'm going to record and what I'm going to watch live. I never watched Heroes last year, but I'm interested in Journeyman and Chuck, so I may start just because it's in between those two shows. Only Chuck is up against How I Met Your Mother--maybe tape Chuck and start watching it at 8:30. I don't think there's anything I'm excited about for Tuesdays--maybe I'll tape Journeyman and watch it on Tuesdays since it starts at my bedtime. I'm really the most excited about Thursdays. I just love The Office. And Jim asked Pam out on a date during the finale! This is very exciting for all the JAM fans out there. Grey's Anatomy is going to have to be taped and watched at a later date...too bad for them. I wish they'd stayed on Sundays.

So, that's enough rambling for one morning. Clearly I'm still uncaffeinated! Time to get the coffee maker going.

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