Sunday, January 31, 2016

Saving My Life: Winter 2016

I'm linking up with Anne to share what's saving my life this winter.

Norwegian Hand Cream
My hands have become so cracked and dry this winter; they're much worse than they've ever been. So the last time Rob and I were in BJ's, I picked up a three-pack of this lifesaver.  Now I have one in my purse, one in my desk at work, and one in my bathroom.  My hands thank me!

My Library
Always a life saver! 

Reading Challenges
I have joined Anne's reading challenge and a Classics reading challenge.  These are fun because they are forcing me to be intentional about what I'm going to read.  Not that reading whatever I come across is bad, but the challenges force me to think beyond my comfort zone.  I like it.

Moving my phone out of my bedroom
This has been a great one.  I had been using my phone as my alarm in the mornings.  Bad idea.  It's way too easy to reach for it just one last time before bed or first thing in the morning.  There is no email so important that I need to read it while still horizontal.  My evenings and early mornings are going so much more smoothly.  And to think--life always used to be that way!

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Anonymous said...

Last year, I put hand cream on my list of life-savers. There truly is nothing like having a heavy-duty, hardworking moisturizer during these dry months!! I need to just move the phone out of my room. I'm still nursing once/night and use that as an excuse, but really - I don't need to check twitter at 2am. ;) Thanks for the inspiration! (Visiting from MMD)