Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

Open the new calendar!  Turn over to a fresh page!  It's goal time again! In no particular order, here I go:

Update my progress on these goals quarterly--it'll keep me honest!

Work-ish/Faithish (occupational hazard of working at a church--are these work goals? or are they more personal, faith goals?  Probably more of the latter)         
participate in a small group
Teach an adult forum

consistently hit 10,000 steps on weekends; strive for 8,000 on weekdays
give blood twice this year

be here three times a week
link up with Anne and Leigh monthly
find another linky party to join

complete Modern Mrs. Darcy's reading challenge for 2016
read at least one book from each category of Modern Mrs. Darcy's Summer Reading list
take an online course through edX

research feasibility of a family trip to Hawaii
research possible trips to Europe in 2017 or beyond

learn the rules for getting a driver's license (because this year our oldest turns 16!)
try designating laundry days
add more pictures to the basement walls
put something on our bedroom walls
have friends over for dinner

learn how to move my phone pictures to a cloud somewhere and then delete them from my phone
learn how to get my phone pictures to load to blogger

It's a mixed bag--there's no huge over-arching thing I'm working toward; I'm pretty happy with how things are going, so I want to maintain the momentum this year.  As the year goes on, I'll share how I'm breaking down some of these goals into smaller pieces. 

Happy New Year!

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