Sunday, March 2, 2014


Late in the day on day 7!  Just made it!
Here are some scenes from the week:


I love making signs and posters.  I have learned that bigger is better in the sign department.  Our Lenten Soup Suppers begin on March 12, and even though I am no longer in charge of the committee that puts on the suppers, I volunteered to make the sign up sheets.

This past week was the kids' first five day week of school in I don't know how long.  And fortunately it coincided with the school play.  Four nights this week we've been getting our sixth grader to school by 6:15.  The whole family attended on Friday night, but various members showed up on other nights. 

This weekend we went snow tubing in New Jersey with extended family.  That was fun.  We don't live all that far from various skiing and tubing places, and we really haven't taken advantage of it.  Maybe we should make a resolution for next winter--because I'm all done with this winter!

And speaking of winter, I could be in for another sleep-disturbed night.  Our school district doesn't call for cancellations or delays until 5:00am, so I wake up repeatedly to check the time and my phone.  By the time school is cancelled, I'm exhausted!

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