Friday, April 1, 2011

April (Or, everyone say, "Hi, Mike!")

It was T.S. Eliot who wrote that "April is the cruelest month..."  I know, because I looked it up.  It's the first thought I had when I looked out the window this morning.  Here, have a look out my window:

Not so promising, is it?  The kids have a half-day today. This afternoon, we're going to the movies.

Bobby's baseball schedule has been published, so we're looking at a whole lotta crazy for the next couple of months, because it's not just two ball games a week, it's also dance picture day, dance dress rehearsal day, cub scout field trips, two cub scout meetings that we have to run, spring strings concert, spring chorus concert, et cetera, et cetera.

What's with the "Hi, Mike!"?  He's my brother.  He requested more frequent blog posts.  So there you have it.  I'm all about customer service.

And just because Mike loves the Phillies so much--here's Rob and Cliff Lee on Wednesday night.
Bobby has been pulling teeth like it's his job.  He also just asks us for the money--he can't be bothered by any Tooth Fairy middleman.

Even though the weather looks like winter, the ants know it's spring, because they've resumed their annual assault on my house.  I won't say any more on that topic.  Unless you have any advice--I'll take advice!

And that's a wrap for this week!  I hope you are able to find some signs of spring wherever you are!


Kristyn Knits said...

looks like your life is full and happy! I'm hoping the 50 degree temps will ward off snow flurries here today. and that baseball craziness has hit our house as well. have any great "on-the-go" dinner ideas?

stitching under oaks said...

oh, the madness of kids and sports and dance and dinner...whew. I get tired just looking at my calendar. Stay warm. spring really is coming. That snow was just a nasty April Fools day joke.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Look at that snow....We were supposed to get some, but that storm petered out. Hurray! And the days of the toothfairy are over with here -- sadly, they could use the funding!

Larissa said...

Hope the snow is all melted by now and you are enjoying a more spring like day. My kiddos are home on spring break this week - we just got home from the park and ice cream shop. My schedule is crazy too and the husband is always at work so all the driving and scheduling and kiddo raising is up to me. I'm laughing at your guy pulling his teeth - mine refuse to wiggle them at all and I have to remind them that it takes months for a tooth to come out if you do nothing at all. Have a great week - i owe you an email lady. just cannot find the time with the kiddos home. Big hugs to you!