Friday, April 29, 2011

A Little At A Time

The seedlings are coming along nicely--indoors and out.  The peas that I planted a few weeks ago now look like something intentionally planted rather than weed sprouts.  The lettuce is taking shape, but the rock stars of this year's garden have to be the onions and garlic.  It's very gratifying to watch their green shoots grow and grow.

May 15 is our frost-free date, and I'll wait until then to put these in the ground.

On the knitting front, things were moving along slowly-but-surely until today.  Today it came to a grinding halt because I had to order another ball of yarn--seems the ball of yarn I ordered a couple of weeks ago wasn't enough to finish.

Here's what I have left to knit:

 The second sleeve.  I'm almost done, but this is all the yarn I have left:
 That is not going to be enough.  The front panels are finished and waiting for seaming.  I'm so glad I did those first before doing the sleeves.
 So hopefully by next weekend I can show you my finished work.  In the meantime, dishcloth fever is about to strike around here--gotta keep the needles moving!

Happy weekend to you all!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I'm hoping my onions become rockstars too! I planted three different varieties. I'm do darned excited about them. I love seeing garden progress from different planting zones....It gives me something to look forward too.

Your sweater's pattern is gorgeous. Really! I love the design -- especially where the sleeves join the body of the sweater. It's a timeless pattern.

Kristyn Knits said...

Sounds like your garden will be a rock star this year! Not to mention your new sweater! It's beautiful!! Great work, Meg.