Saturday, December 5, 2009

Semi-Homemade Christmas

One of this year's homemade gifts is actually semi-homemade! The quilt I made for Caroline last year is going to have to be used in summer months, because she has the coldest room in the house. She has two windows that face north, and though her room is large, there is only one heating duct (and it's right by one of the windows). Since we have a couple of old queen-sized comforters, it seemed silly to purchase a new set.

After searching online and in stores, I finally found this cute pink flannel duvet cover. The only problem--it was king-sized. So last week I spread out the king-sized duvet cover on the floor and then laid the queen-sized comforter on top of it. I trimmed it down on three sides (making sure to keep the side with the button closures intact), and then stitched up the seams. Piece of cake!

And she'll get a bonus gift! A scarf made from a thrifted, felted sweater... that is backed with some of the leftover flannel. I hope she'll share the scarf with her mama.

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Kristyn Knits said...

adorable!! I'm sure she'll share. and if not, just quietly sneak it!