Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Traditions

Before I begin this post, I just wanted to let you know that we lucked out yesterday--the rain did stop, and the sun even came out for several hours! This is what the sump pump looked like as of last night. The water level had gone down a few inches--I quit playing a one-woman bucket brigade (and boy are my arms sore). It turns out the outlet does work, so we may be replacing the sump pump soon. Fortunately, the forecast does look fairly dry for a while.
And now, on to more seasonally appropriate items! Yesterday the kids' advent calendar "activity" was that we'd be putting on the Christmas pillowcases.
They get so excited about these every year. My college roommate made these for us a few years ago, and I love pulling these out of the linen closet every year. I just adore the Peanuts characters (and the Charlie Brown Christmas CD sits in my car CD player every December). I also love that one of my oldest and dearest friends made these for us. It's nice to have a holiday tradition that extends beyond the family. And it's even neater to know that her kids are also cuddling up to their own holiday pillowcases. Everyone had dreams of sugarplums last night!


Kristyn Knits said...

My husband and I are making pillow cases next week!

We already have travel cases that were made for us by my best friend as well. When we go on a road trip, our travel cases come with us!

I so love this fabric and family tradition. I do holiday pillow cases would holiday up the beds! thanks for sharing!! wonder if that fabric is still available?

larissa said...

So glad your pump is able to handle the water level - water in the basement is no fun. I love the idea of the holiday pillows and am sort of kicking myself for passing up on the 50% off holiday fabric at Joann's last week - for some reason I thought all those stars of David were too literal. But too literal is just fine if you only use them for several weeks out of the year! and I love your felted sweater scarf - you did a great job keeping it simple and classy. have a great weekend!