Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I turn thirty-nine today. I want to take a picture of myself today and post it here, but I am still in my pajamas, and I do not want to scare you.

Anyway, this birthday seems almost as big as the next one...maybe I'm giving too much importance to the numbers. I've been wondering whether there is anything I want to do/see/accomplish before I turn forty next year. There are things I'd like to do eventually, but nothing that I really feel pressured to do in the next year.

So now I wonder, do you have a "bucket list"? Is there something you want to do or see before any milestone birthday (or kicking the bucket?)? Have you crossed anything off your list? Share with us.

And if I don't get to stop back in here tomorrow, please know that I am thankful for all of you, my virtual buddies. I wish you all a happy, peaceful, and delicious Thanksgiving!


Julia said...

A bucket list is something that I've thought of doing, but never actually put down on paper.

Happy Happy Happy Birthday MEG!

You look beautiful!

larissa said...

Happy 39th Birthday to you! I think you've already accomplished much - three beautiful kiddos, loads of inspiring and creative making, plus you look beautiful! I will turn 39 on Dec 20 and although i've never made a bucket list, i do hope to move to a house that better suits our family by age 40 but really I just try to have fun and enjoy each day - even if that means the laundry pile gets a bit taller. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and have some cake with your turkey!

Kristyn Knits said...

Happy belated Birthday! I hope it was wonderful!