Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scenes from the Fair

Today was the last day of our local 4-H Fair. I absolutely love to have the chance to be so close to all of the magnificent animals.
I get such a kick out of chickens. Even the prize winners.

And I'm going to have to stick to the tilt-a-whirl for sharing rides with my big girl. I was about three shades of green after getting off this ride.

And as soon as I was able to pick up my entry, we grabbed it and headed for the air-conditioned car.

Remember this quilt? Probably not--I pieced the top back in January! It sat folded up for several months because I wasn't happy with the quilting. A few weeks ago, I got it out, unpicked all the quilting, and started over.

I have wanted to enter something in the fair since we went last year. I never put it on my summer "list" because I was afraid I would chicken out! I was quite nervous about entering. It's one thing to make quilts, it's another thing entirely to put them out there to be judged! It didn't win any ribbons, but I'm happy I did it.

Now I can start planning next year's quilt!


Dimple said...

Where I live, it's the county fair where the 4H-ers display all their work. Regular folks also participate in "open class." I have entered lots of photos, and a baby afghan I made for my now grown up niece. I haven't entered anything in a long time, but I still love to go & see what others are doing.
You didn't show if your quilt won an award, but congratulations for entering and allowing your work to be evaluated by the judge!

Jessica said...

That is exciting you entered your quilt. I feel the same way about entering my photos in contests.