Monday, August 31, 2009

Menemsha Sunset


I know your birthday was last week, but I told you I had to finish this, and you are going to be here on Friday, so you can wait a few more days, right?

So this was my stash-buster blanket. The one I had to buy more yarn for.

I started planning this project around the multi-colored yarn in the middle of the picture. It was a Christmas gift from my brother, and it was called "Fire in the Sky." I had all these great blues and oranges and yellows to go with it.
And while I was working on it, the nightly news had story after story about the Obamas' vacation trip to Martha's Vineyard. And it reminded me of our vacation trip to the Vineyard in 2006. It was beyond lovely. (Well, until we tried to leave. That is another story entirely.)
Twice that week we went to Menemsha for dinner. We packed blankets, side dishes and wine, and drove out to the beach at Menemsha. After we set up our blankets, we walked over to Larsen's Fishmarket to pick up our order of steamed and cracked lobster and returned to the beach for dinner. After dinner, we'd sit back to enjoy the sunset while the kids ran up and down the beach. It was magical.
And while I knitted away on this blanket, it was all I could think about.
So for my mom, on her birthday (or just a week late!), I give her Menemsha Sunset!

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Dimple said...

That is a beautiful blanket! On first glance, I thought it was crocheted, even though I knew you said you were knitting a blanket, but I looked again and saw my mistake. Your mom will be proud!