Saturday, August 29, 2009

A question for you

School starts on Tuesday, and I'm trying to prepare mentally for all the schedule changes. Seriously, yesterday I realized that on Tuesday I was going to have to pack two lunches and three snacks. And I was all taken by surprise!

My question for you involves after-school snacks. And also lunch box ideas, too, I guess.

What do you serve for an after-school snack? We usually have some version of pretzels--hard and crunchy or big and soft and fresh from the toaster oven. My oldest would happily devour a bag of chips, and that does not make me happy for many reasons! Occasionally they'll split an apple. Carrot sticks make most of them scream.

I want something that has some nutritional value--that will hold them over until dinner and keep them out of the pantry! Any ideas?

And while we're at it, what do your kids like to eat for lunch? I can't tell you how many uneaten sandwiches I've thrown away...and then there was the year my oldest ran up a huge bill in the cafeteria. They won't allow them to go hungry, so she told them she forgot her lunch money or whatever and brought home AND HID a week's worth of turkey sandwiches behind her dresser! I'm just glad I found them before the smell got too bad. Ugh.

What works for you?


John said...

surprisingly, my kids LOVE hummus, and i feel pretty good about it as a wholesome snack. they dip veggies in it (mostly cucumbers), but also pretzels and pita chips.

Amy - Park City Girl said...

We start back tomorrow too! After school I try to get something filling in as soon as possible, we've gone as far as a bean/cheese burrito, but it's often a cheese stick or cheese & crackers of sorts.

Sounds like you have a smarty on your hands :)