Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sew Connected: Catching up

June sped by so quickly, I never posted about Sew Connected! This was a fun one: Sarah didn't send any fabrics. Instead, she sent us straight to our scrap piles--not the stash, the already cut-up, just waiting for something scraps! Our mission: a wonky log cabin house. I ended up making two because I felt like I couldn't "see" the house on my first try (the one on the right). This was fun, and it had me coming up with all sorts of fun plans for all those scraps I have.

For July, Jacquie sent us solids. She posted her inspiration piece--a painting made by her son--and asked us to try our hand at producing something similar in fabric.
The brown strips are 1" cut, so they are 1/2" sewn. That was our only "requirement" for this month. She also asked for no diagonals. This was fun. My block ended at 10.5" square. I tell you, careful and meticulous measuring prior to sewing is not my thing--it if were, the block would have been 12.5". Anyway, this was another fun exercise and a chance to play with some pretty solids in a fun color combo. If you haven't been to Jacquie's blog before, go on over and be amazed at all the beautiful things she has done!

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