Monday, July 6, 2009

And now...summer

Hi, all. Thanks so much for the encouraging comments to my last post. Staying positive is by far the way to go, but sometimes I have to vent a little. We're taking a deep breath before we keep on going.

Our weekend was great! Of course, I haven't uploaded any pictures, so you'll have to trust me when I say that we had the best location for viewing fireworks EVER! We were right on the water--we could see the barge where the fireworks were being ignited. And even better (and something we never knew before), we could see that the town of Rumson had the exact same show going on--timed to the music and everything--as Red Bank. It was like a picture-in-picture effect--Red Bank fireworks right on top of us, and down and to the right, Rumson fireworks in miniature!

We had a lovely visit with family. The cousins all stayed up way too late. My sister-in-law could win some prizes with her zucchini--it's going crazy! And we all watched my nephew play some baseball--he had about six games over the course of the weekend. His team finished second in the tournament after a late-inning rally. It was good times.

AND my brother and his special lady friend got engaged!

Employed or not, there is plenty to be happy about (there always has been). There is also lots of laundry to be done (always will be). I'll come back soon with some pictures.

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