Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Update: Late June Edition

Things are growing in the Evans garden...

This year, we decided to increase our broccoli. We had great luck with it last year, so this year, we planted 12 broccoli plants and even added broccoli rabe.
This was a mistake. The broccoli rabe went straight to flower, and most of the broccoli has also gone straight to flower. There are a couple of plants that look like they may give us something good, but all in all, I'd say this was a waste.

The herbs are doing much better. After a slow start, the basil is recovering nicely. The rosemary is also doing well.

And then there is the parsley:

It is thriving. I had never planted parsley before, and I bought two plants--not sure why. Anyway, it's going gangbusters. Anyone have any parsley recipes? 'Cause I'm about to have to start garnishing all of our plates with a sprig...

This is a picture of two plants. Underneath that tomato is a bell pepper.
I call this my "free tomato." I'm pretty tickled with it, but it is crowding out the only pepper plant that looks like it's actually going to produce anything this year. I do not have good luck with peppers, and yet I persist...
Over in another part of the yard, we planted five tomato plants. Here are some baby beefsteaks, just getting ready.

And in the "What the...?" department, we returned home from our trip to find these growing in the garden:

They're called Dog Stinkhorn (had to look it up), and they grow in rich soil. I'm glad about the rich soil and all, but they are multiplying like crazy out there. The book doesn't say that they're poisonous (just not edible). Is this going to be bad for the veggies and herbs, or will they peacefully coexist? And will they go away when the soil dries out?
Will the broccoli redeem itself? Will the lone pepper plant give us anything? Will Mama Evans use her brand-new Foley mill on those beefsteak tomatoes? Will the Dog Stinkhorn retreat as warmer, drier weather finally appears? Stay tuned for the next edition of As the Garden Grows!

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Oh please pass on your green thumb to me!!