Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keeping busy

In between dashes to the computer to edit Rob's resume, I've been sewing birthday presents for a little girl who will turn seven (I can hardly believe it!) on Thursday. We have a new bookbag:
A new dress (done with a tutorial found here):

Painting some fairy wings for Saturday's party:
And knitting like a madwoman to finish the sleeves on this!
This picture was taken on Sunday. I have one sleeve completed now. I hope to have the second sleeve done tonight so I can block tonight/tomorrow and sew on buttons tomorrow.
And tomorrow is Rob's birthday, so I'll need to come up with a special dessert surprise for him, since the poor guy has been overlooked for the last seven years...and then it'll be time to clean the house just in time for all the little fairies to descend upon us on Saturday.


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Such cute stuff! she's going to love the bag and dress, the sweater looks really cozy! :) did you find the right dessert for Rob?

Amy said...

Oh Wow! Good luck getting everything finished. I am about to embark in similar territory with my daughter turning 4 and hubby's big day following closely! I have only just started too- which as I know am realizing is not smart! Better get to it!

Waldeck Dry Goods said...

LOVE the dress you made with my tutorial! =)It looks great!!

Meredith said...

Adorable handmade goodness! And happy birthday to your hubby!