Friday, March 20, 2009


I heard a rumor that today is the first day of spring...imagine my surprise when I looked out the window this morning!
The sun is out now, so this little dusting will be a distant memory by lunchtime. And now that my daffodils are starting to push their way out of the ground, I say good riddance to the snow!

The third graders have this "Wax Museum" project that they all participate in--they choose an historical figure and research the person. They write a one-minute speech, and on the appointed day, they dress in character, and the parents are invited to the wax museum to see/hear the historical figures tell about their lives. Caroline chose Laura Ingalls Wilder. We already have an abundance of bonnets lying around the house for her costume; we just needed a dress:
This is from the same Simplicity pattern as the bonnets (3725, I believe). It was pretty easy. Oh, there are plenty of places where it's not perfect, but for our purposes, it's just fine. I'm so glad I had done lots of sewing last year--apparently you can never practice putting in sleeves or zippers enough! I have yet to put in a zipper perfectly...guess I need to keep sewing! *grin* Caitlin wants to be Laura Ingalls for Halloween now, and she can't understand why I won't start on her costume right away.
Caroline also has a birthday party tonight. Here is tonight's gift, the t-shirt and bag combo again:

I also finally, finally finished my hoodie! Here I am in it a couple of days ago, before I blocked and wove in loose ends:

I'm very excited, and since there's snow on the ground (!), a wool hoodie sounds like a perfect choice for today.

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Meredith said...

Hey there! Smashing hoodie you've got there. I am pea green with envy for the adorable birthday gifts you make!!