Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Road Trip Soundtracks

Every year when we go on vacation, we keep the CD player busy.  Because our musical tastes vary widely, most of what we listen to is a compromise.  Below are the songs and CDs that have been in heavy rotation during Evans Family Road Trips.

Adele, Chasing Pavements. Rob and I really like this song.  I love both of her albums and would gladly listen to them over and over but for the children complaining from the back of the van.  For Rob, the mark of whether he really likes a song is if he immediately replays it as soon as it's done.  So we listen to Chasing Pavements two at a time.

Jackson Browne, Running on Empty and Somebody's Baby.  More repeaters.  When the kids saw Forrest Gump for the first time and Running on Empty came on, they commented about this being the song that we always play when we go somewhere.

Coldplay, Viva La Vida.  We love this album.  We could--and have--listened to this one over and over.  This album will forever remind me of being stuck in traffic on Interstate 95 near Richmond, Virginia.  And I mean stuck, like driving one mile in an hour stuck.  Way more stuck than the usual I-95 ridiculousness.

Our grand prize winner for road trip music is one that we have been listening to for pretty much the whole 18 years we have been together.  Nowadays we only listen to this one when we are on long road trips.

It's the Jimmy Buffet live album Feeding Frenzy.  It was recorded in 1990 or 1991, and I have owned this disc since college.  Now that we play it with the kids in the car, there are some songs that we skip over, but there are a couple that always get repeated.  It's not a road trip until you've sung Margaritaville.

Do you have favorite songs or albums that you bring with you on long trips? Share in the comments!

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