Monday, August 12, 2013

Goals: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

I established some personal goals to work on this year and I have posting monthly updates, but I decided that I want to tweak my goals.

Habit and Goal Tracking

As Anne from Modern Mrs. Darcy has said so well, you get what you measure.  I am making a checklist to keep track of the quantifiable goals for this month.  My hope is that some of my checklist items will become automatic over time.  In the meantime, looking over a string of checkmarks should keep me motivated.

I took over 300 pictures while we were away last week!  Now comes the challenge of wading through them all in order to choose some prints to put into frames.

This is a big one for me this month.  While we were away, I downloaded a free pedometer app so I could track how much beach walking I did.  The phone app definitely has its limitations, so I am researching FitBit and Jawbone Up to decide what will best meet my needs and my budget.  Until then, my goal is to walk for at least 30 minutes daily.  I am also going to (try) to give blood again this month.

This month I want to read one book about the craft of writing.  I also want to read another Ann Patchett novel.  I am now on Goodreads, where I will post my monthly Twitterature-link-up reviews.

Also in the reading department, I am going to memorize at least one poem.  I stole this bright idea from the book Surprised by Oxford.  My head is full of information and tidbits--why not cram some Shakespeare and Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson in there too?


I am looking to jump-start the conversation here, and that will require a regular presence.  I am going to post at least three times a week here.  I will also find at least one new place to link-up this month.  

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