Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Staying Crafty

We are slowly settling into a routine.  The sun is setting noticeably earlier, so that is a huge help when bedtime rolls around.  (In the spring, it was next to impossible to get the kids to come in for bed because the sun was still going at 8:00pm!)

Yesterday, instead of bringing my knitting bag along to dance class, I threw some balls of yarn and a hook into the bag.  I made one complete granny square, and about three-fourths of another.  I finished it (and made another) once I got home.  I'm up to 21 grannies now (out of 81).  Slow progress, but still progress!  The pink is much more vibrant in person.  It's a heathered yarn, so you can see lovely pinks and purples mixed together.  It looks very mauve in the picture. 
 Last Thursday I was able to make the pillow covers.  I went a little crazy fabric shopping, and I splurged on several Heather Bailey prints for this project.  And I have enough left over for at least one more smallish project.  I love how these turned out.
 I purchased the pillow form for Caroline's pillow last week--forms were 50% off at Joann.  They didn't have the size I needed for Caitlin's, so I'll have to order it.  I just love how these turned out.
Today is a day off for me, so I'm heading to the library to pick up some holds, and then I'm off in search of clear contact paper, a new hairbrush for one daughter, and jazz shoes and a leotard for the other daughter.  Who'd a thunk that I'd have to search around to find clear contact paper?


stitching under oaks said...

The pillows are fabulous! I love the embroidery and the patchwork is just the right framework for them. You did a great job. I'm still in limbo about starting a granny square project, but your squares may just push me over the edge. they look great.

Meredith said...

Gorgeous pillows!! And I love the grannies. How is your job going?

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Those pillows have me swooning. They are gorgeous. You are so talented. If my daughter saw these, I guarantee she'd want you to make one (her name is KATHE -- just in case you're inspired, haha). Good job mama!

Kristyn Knits said...

LOVE those pillow covers!! I'm thinking I need to buy that pattern to embellish pillowcases! Great job Meg!!